Welcome to our
fall season

Please scroll down to find our full-season class schedule.

The season runs from September through June, with a concert at the end of the dance year.

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Tuition Rates

$15       Annual Registration fee per student

$40*    New Parent CONCERT FEE (*New Parents Only - Fee will be refunded or applied to tuition after attending the New Parent Meeting only)     

$25      Late Registration Fee after October 2021


Yearly tuition may be paid on a monthly basis of 10-equal payments from September - June.

Or save 5% by paying the total yearly tuition and fees in advance.


$50/month     One (1) class per week

$30/month     Pointe (Recommendation only - must attend ballet class)

$85/month     Two (2) classes per week

$110/month    Three (3) classes per week

$135/month    Four (4) classes per week

$160/month    Five (5) classes per week

$65      Costume fee PER CLASS (1/2 payment due at registration; Balance due by October 2021)

$  5      per each X (extra-large sizes XL, XXL, etc.) (or as charged by the company)

$25      Costume Late Fee (applied starting October 2021)


Tuition Payments are due on the 2nd Saturday of each month.  Tuition includes class instruction and all concert rehearsal(s).  All accounts that are paid after the 2nd Saturday will be assessed a $10 late fee.


(Schedule TBD - Starting October)

$15      Annual Registration fee per student

$125   10-Week course - One (1) Hour per week

$15      Drop-in Single Class fee

All classes must have a minimum number of students enrolled. 

We reserve the right to cancel class(es) due to low enrollment.